I have been teaching literature, writing, and language in English and in Spanish since 2004. I have worked in the U.S., Argentina, and Ecuador. In addition to my work as a writer and teacher, I was co-editor of the “Writers on Writers” section at Asymptote (and assistant editor prior to that).

I have also worked as a project manager for a translation agency and an administrator in a sales office.

My current position at New Jersey Institute of Technology is a hybrid role (teaching and program administration).

Here is a list of courses I have taught at the university level in the U.S.:

New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Technical writing (courses for international PhD students and another for undergraduates)
  • Research writing
  • First-year writing

Moravian College

  • First-year writing seminar. Topic: Disinformation
  • First and second semester Spanish

Whitman College

  • Latin American Narrative in the 20th and 21st Century
  • Spanish Translation for Healthcare
  • Advanced grammar in Spanish
  • Topics in Contemporary Hispanic Culture
  • Elementary Spanish

 Boston University

  • Literary translation (Spanish/English)
  • Introduction to Hispanic literature
  • Spanish composition and conversation
  • Language courses: second, third, and fourth semester Spanish